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Why CAC?

Becoming accredited is the first step toward making a real difference in the lives of others. CAC provides accreditation services throughout Canada for a wide range of organizations providing human and health services.

Working with CAC is a valuable investment for your organization. Not only do you get the tools you need for accreditation, you get assistance to help you implement those tools.

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How to Apply

CAC has streamlined the application process, and is happy to provide PDF application and agreement forms that can be submitted to us however is most convenient (i.e., mail, email, fax). The current Fee Schedule is also available - simply contact us and we would be happy to send it to you.

Don't forget - we are always available to help you throughout this process!

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Training Centre

CAC offers standard-specific training (such as an orientation to the accreditation process) as well as training for anyone who would like to become a volunteer reviewer for CAC; reviewing another organization is a great way to gain insight into the process.

We also provide general staff training, such as Self-Harm and Suicide Awareness, Diversity and Inclusion at Work, and more.

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Your work helps others grow, develop, and succeed. So does ours.

CAC is a leading nationwide expert in the accreditation of human and health service organizations.