Mission, Vision, and Values


The Canadian Accreditation Council of Human Services (CAC) is dedicated to promoting service excellence by using a peer review process based on best practice standards.


The Canadian Accreditation Council of Human Services (CAC) is the nationally recognized leader for setting standards excellence.


  • Person Served – CAC values the inherent right of all people to receive services that are meaningful, reflective of their needs and focused on the promotion of the well-being, autonomy and independence of the person served.
  • Ethical Practice – CAC will conduct itself at all times in a professional and ethical manner. Honesty, openness and transparency are the hallmarks of the way we conduct our business. CAC believes that integrity and ethical behaviour are essential for responsible professional conduct. This means acting honestly and in good faith in all dealings with client organizations, colleagues, and the public. Personnel will not exploit any relationships with client organizations for personal gain, gratification or any other reason.
  • Continuous Improvement – CAC values and pursues continuous improvement and excellence in support, services, outcomes and practice.
  • Solid Business Practices – CAC values solid business practices by ensuring that all services rendered are transparent and include clearly defined deliverables.
  • Cultural and Diversity Inclusion – CAC values the inherent worth of all people. CAC recognizes and appreciates members of all cultures and diverse backgrounds and works to minimize barriers.
  • First Nations, Métis and Inuit Involvement – CAC will honour our relationships with First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities through inclusion and open engagement.


  • To develop standards for the accreditation of human service organizations
  • To develop and provide training to support accreditation
  • To support organizations and programs to develop governance structures, monitoring systems and research-based practices
  • To accredit human service organizations with a specific focus on programs and service delivery
  • To achieve excellence in the delivery of services

2016 Declaration of Compliance

This year's Declaration of Compliance packages went out a few weeks ago; if you haven't received yours yet, please contact the office immediately by email (admin@cacohs.com) or by phone (780-424-4498). The package contained three items with two separate due dates: Due...

Newsletter – April 2016

The past month has been busy for CAC! Staff updated both the content and the look of the Annual Declaration, and assembled packages for each of our client organizations. We also created a Comparison Guide and Plan of Compliance for organizations accredited under the...

Newsletter – March 2016

This month's newsletter featured information about the Annual Declaration of Compliance, which is soon to be sent out to organizations! It also provided upcoming dates for the following training: Suicide & Self Harm Awareness Medication Administration Training...