This year’s Declaration of Compliance packages went out a few weeks ago; if you haven’t received yours yet, please contact the office immediately by email ( or by phone (780-424-4498).

The package contained three items with two separate due dates:

Due Dates
Annual Declaration May 2, 2016
Annual Fee
Plan of Compliance June 30, 2016

The Plan for Compliance may seem intimidating at first but we urge you to carefully read the instruction sheet before beginning the process as it can clarify a lot of questions you may have. That being said, no concise instruction can capture every detail, so here are the answers to a few common questions that have come up recently.

Can I forego completing the Plan for Compliance if I implement the changes immediately?

Yes! If you are particularly energized, you may implement the necessary changes immediately. If you complete all changes and ratify all new policies before June 30, 2016, you will be considered compliant. In this case, instead of submitting the Plan of Compliance page, we ask that you submit a short paragraph explaining how you’ve completed the work already, signed by an authorized signatory.
Do the changes have to be implemented immediately?

No! While the Plan for Compliance document is due June 30, 2016, your changes do not have to be implemented until October 2016. We recognize that not all organizations may have the time or manpower on hand to revise policies at the drop of a hat, so we only ask that you develop and submit your plan to address the necessary revisions, and you may take until October to enact the revisions themselves.

However, for organizations undergoing accreditation with the 2015 Edition of Standards in late 2016 or in 2017, please remember that On-Site Reviewers require evidence of historical practice (meaning 6 months or more) to consider your organization or program compliant in a given standard.

Do I have to submit a plan for changes made to the indicators?

No! We apologize for the lack of clarity on this point. The purpose of the Plan for Compliance is to ensure that your organization is up to date on all best practices in your industry, even in your intervening years. However, you are not expected to be ready to undergo re-accreditation until the end of your cycle. Therefore, we ask that you develop a plan to become in compliance with the contents of the standards, without worrying about the indicators. The “Changes to Indicators” column will only prove useful to organizations facing re-accreditation under the 2015 Edition of Standards in the near future. All other organizations and programs are free to disregard it.
Am I responsible for responding to every line of the Comparison Guide?

No! As indicated in the instructions, you are only responsible for the standards that apply to your program(s), and only the changes to standards’ content, not indicators.
We are undergoing reaccreditation in the next few months under the 2011 Edition of Standards. Do we still need to complete the Plan for Compliance?

Yes! However, there is no point in asking you to become compliant to the 2015 Edition of Standards when your upcoming review will use the 2011 Edition. Therefore, we ask that you return the Plan, indicating that you are undergoing re-accreditation prior to April 2017 using the 2011 Edition of Standards. For all organizations and programs for whom this is the case, you will have 1 year from the date of your On-Site Review to come into compliance with the 2015 Edition of Standards.