The CAC accreditation process typically lasts 12-16 months. Each of the steps is important for you and your organization, helping you to meet your goals of excellence. Please look below for the extended descriptions of each of the steps.

The Canadian Accreditation Council Process

Application & Agreement The organization submits their Application and Agreement to begin the accreditation process
Within first 2 weeks Mail Outs Within 2 weeks of receiving your Application we will mail you out a copy of the signed Application Agreement, a letter stating the assigned dates and invoices where appropriate.
Within first 4 months Initial Visit A half day meeting with your accreditation support personnel can be scheduled by you. This meeting will provide you with information about expectations, how to complete your pre-site documents, a review of other documents as well as any other questions you may have.
At least 4 months prior to the On-Site Review Self-Study Period During this time we encourage the organizations in the process to read through the Standards and take the time to prepare your programs for the upcoming accreditation.
Resource Centre CAC can provide a variety of resources to help with your accreditation, including training, sample documents and gap analysis.
4 months prior to the On-Site Review Team Assembly We assemble the team that will be performing your On-Site. At this point we will be emailing a memo to both the organization as well as the team members with information and the finalized dates for the Pre-Site and On-Site.
3 months prior to the onsite review Submission of Self-Study You send your Pre-Site materials, including your Policy and Procedures Manual, Checklists, and Narrative to the team members.
2 months prior to the On-Site Review Pre-Site Meeting The Pre-Site Meeting will take place by telephone conference. You may choose to listen to the team’s discussion the findings of the Pre-Site Materials. A report of the findings will be provided to you.
On-Site Review The accreditation support personnel and team members meet at your organization to conduct the On-Site. This consists of interviews, file reviews as well as a site review. The On-Site can take from 2-5 days.
10 business days after the On-Site Review On-Site Report The On-Site Report is finalized by the administrative reviewer after the On-Site Review and provided to the organization along with the Organization Response document to complete.
20 business days after receipt of the On-Site Review Organization Response to CAC You will send your Organization Response to CAC in preparation of the Accreditation Panel Meeting.
45 business days after submission of the Organization Response Accreditation Panel Discussion The Accreditation Panel will review all submitted findings at their next meeting to determine the awarding of the accreditation status.