CAC Process

Becoming accredited by CAC is, on average, a 16-month process that begins when you submit an application. Here’s what you can expect once you’ve applied:
Receive materials, timelines, and key dates for deliverables.
Meet with your CAC support coordinator for orientation. Your support coordinator will remain available to you throughout the accreditation process and onward, for as long as you are accredited by CAC.
Enter a self-study period where you familiarize yourself with our standards and assess how well your organization and programs correspond to them. You will use this time to identify and implement any changes, additions, or enhancements necessary to ensure your organization and programs meet the established standards.
Check-in with your review team to get feedback on your strengths, as well as the areas that need further work within your organization and programs to meet the standards.
Make any additional changes to come up to standard, based on the feedback from your review team.
Gather material and arrange interviews in preparation for your review team’s on-site or virtual visit.
Welcome your review team and present material. Your review team will spend 2-5 days making observations, reviewing documentation, and talking with board, staff, and persons served in order to provide a thorough assessment of how you operate.
Receive the review results.
If areas were deemed to need further attention, you will have an opportunity to respond to the review findings, and submit your comments to the accreditation panel.
Receive final decision on accreditation status from CAC’s accreditation panel.