While our standards are reviewed and updated every 4 years, CAC’s background story began in 1974 as a part of the Alberta Association of Services for Children and Families (AASCF). At that time, a Standards Development Project was initiated, grounded in ‘the belief that the evaluation of the quality and success of residential child care could only begin after the development of a set of standards’. In 1978, the first set of standards were released, titled Standards for Child Care. Three decades later, in 2004, as the project grew large enough to become its own independent body, CAC was founded and assumed responsibility for standards and the accreditation process.

National Expansion and ISQua Accreditation

Over the next several years, CAC stepped onto the national stage by providing accreditation to organization in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. During that period, we also expanded our breadth of services to include such areas as health, adult programs, and the Calgary Homeless Foundation. In 2012 and 2013 CAC gained ISQua accreditation for our standards and our organization as a whole, respectively. For more information, see Our ISQua Accreditation.