A new CAC logo was unveiled on October 17, 2016. Created by Kyle Loranger Design, CAC’s new look features multicoloured tiles radiating like the northern lights around a subtle maple leaf.

The maple leaf reminds us of our origins, and all the best of what we believe Canada stands for: welcoming, accepting, diverse, vibrant, hopeful.

The tiles of colour represent people and diversity; all of them come together as a whole, like a council. Or a community.

It’s who we are.

We believe our new logo proudly speaks of CAC’s Canadian roots, and some of our highest values—diversity, inclusion, respect for all people and cultures, learning from one another—as well as our specializations in community-based programs, our holistic approach to accreditation standards and support services, and our full engagement of client organizations in our processes.

The lines radiate outward into the world, a nod to the importance of the work our clients do, as well as our ongoing growth.

Whatever your perspective, we feel that the logo represents CAC’s vision: to be a global, inclusive, dynamic, and multi-faceted accrediting body.