Our volunteers are the backbone of CAC, without their knowledge and expertise we wouldn’t be able to accredit organizations. We are always looking to recruit individuals interested in participating in reviews.

There are many benefits to becoming a reviewer for CAC, including:

  • Building professional development – Volunteers are able to network with individuals from other programs and gain exposure to different ways of approaching issues. They gain insights into the standards and how the accreditation program is implemented. Volunteers also become familiar with processes, tools, and forms from other programs that can be adapted to suit the needs of their own programs.
  • Reinforcing excellence in practice – Volunteers can assess the status of their own organizations in comparison to those they are accrediting and gain valuable knowledge of their own strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Organization compensation for volunteer support – Over the years, CAC has established a rich network of volunteers to support our structures and processes, which in turn allows us to remain competitive. We have created a compensation program for organizations generous enough to loan us their staff for this process.

Volunteering Contact

If you or someone in your organization is interested in becoming a volunteer for CAC, please contact us for additional information and dates for upcoming training.