Our Board

President of the Board

Cheryl Whiskeyjack, LLD (Hon)

Cheryl has brought a wealth of experience with her as she has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2008 and is the current President of the Board. As the Executive Director at Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society, Cheryl has worked extensively in program development as well as implementing support programs for Indigenous children, youth, and families. In recognition of her work and dedication to the improvement of the lives of the people she has served, she was granted an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from the University of Alberta in 2021.

Kirby Redwood, BA, MA, CEC

Vice President of the Board
Kirby joined CAC in 2009, first as a peer reviewer, and then as a Team Lead. He joined the Board of Directors in June of 2013. Kirby brings over 25 years of experience working within the Human Services sector and has a strong understanding and connection with Indigenous peoples of Canada. As the CEO of Miskanawah CSA, Kirby works extensively within the Human Services sector developing and implementing programs and services for the vulnerable people it serves.

Jennifer Day, BScN, RN

Secretary/Treasurer of the Board
Jennifer is a Registered Nurse with the Department of National Defense with experience in the fields of Family and Child Services, Facility Client Care, CF Case Management and Health Sciences.

Debra Dell, MACP, M.ED., FNHM

Debra is a founding member and the current Director of the Youth Solvent Addiction Centres of Canada. The Canadian YSAC Group is a Network of 9 First Nation Youth Residential Treatment Centres spread throughout various regions of Canada, established between 1995 and 2005.

Dr. Wanda Polzin, MA, RSW, EdD

Dr. Polzin has over 25 years of counselling and clinical experience working with children, youth and families across various domains including Health/Mental Health and Addictions, Children and Family Services, as well as Education. Dr. Polzin’s clinical training is multi-faceted, with specialization in Attachment, Trauma, EMDR, AAT, Neurobiofeedback, Family Therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Concurrent Addiction and Mental Health Interventions.

Samuel Tam, RSW, MSW

Samuel has a wealth of experience, from clinical skills that include individual, family, group therapy and mental leadership. He extensive experience in being part of the development of community mental health services, such as mental health hotlines and clubhouse models, to name a few. He has worked in the Emergency Room setting, providing mental health assessment, support, planning and counseling to patients. Samuel is a Registered Clinical Social Worker and Registered Clinical Social Worker Supervisor in Alberta with a Masters in Social Work from the University of Hawaii.

Dennis Yurkiw, RSW, MSW

Dennis has 35 years’ experience in rural/urban health counselling to senior health management and addiction/mental health/family violence private couselling practice with Indigenous families.