The work you do with your clients requires the building of relationships, and good relationships are built on trust. Being an accredited organization means being a trusted organization – your clients can be confident that you are the authority in your field, and that your organization meets the highest industry standards.

Pursuing accreditation is not just a test, it’s a process. The result will be a structure you build and integrate into your services. Working with CAC is a valuable investment for your organization. Not only do you get the tools you need for accreditation and beyond, you get assistance to help you implement those tools.

What CAC Will Evaluate

The 2019 Accreditation Process provides a complete evaluation of the organization and the programs that deliver services. Evaluations are conducted at three core levels to ensure congruency in the service delivery model:

The accreditation process at this level will ensure:

  1. A strong policy base to define and direct practices, as well as define and direct the operations of the organization
  2. Clarity of leadership through the definition of roles and responsibilities
  3. The presence of an established practice model
  4. The presence of an ethical framework within which the organization operates
  5. Acceptable accounting practices in financial management
  6. The existence of organizational planning and risk management
  7. Effective quality improvement planning strategies
  8. The existence of systems and structures to support and monitor the effectiveness of services within timelines

The accreditation process at this level will ensure:

  1. The implementation of practices defined in policies in the service delivery model
  2. Case management is complete and reflective of services provided
  3. The evidence-based nature of practice
  4. The reflection of evidence-based practices is reflected in the experiences of the persons served
  5. Persons served feel safe, with a positive sense of well-being, inclusion, accommodation for uniqueness, and are moving towards goal attainment
  6. Congruency at all levels of service delivery
  7. Cultures, rights, and the diversity of persons served are considered in the services provided

The accreditation process at this level will ensure:

Quality planning is in place to support the development of the program and services

  1. Systems are in place to collect, aggregate, analyze, and report outcome data
  2. Outcome reports presented are congruent with the observations and experiences reported by the person served and organization staff
  3. Aggregated data is used in policy and program development
  4. Services are measured for efficiency and effectiveness in achieving the goals established for the organization and programs

Virtual Accreditation Process

With the challenges that have arisen due to COVID-19, CAC has worked tirelessly to attempt to provide a safe option for our accreditation services to continue while still providing you with the utmost in service excellence.

We have developed a virtual review process that balances the safety of our staff and volunteers and your organization while still delivering a thorough, quality review. We work with the organization to set up an On-Site Survey schedule that allows us to assess the aspects of the organization using videoconferencing technology in a number of ways, ensuring we are able to review and provide feedback about your programs.

During these unprecedented times, we are thrilled to be able to continue to provide our services to your organization, allowing you the opportunity to know that you are continuing to meet or exceed CAC’s standards.